MyEnglishLab: Azar

MyEnglishLab: Basic English Grammar

Betty Azar
with Rachel Spack Koch

Level: Beginning

MyEnglishLab: Fundamentals of English Grammar

Betty Azar
with Rachel Spack Koch

Level: Intermediate

MyEnglishLab: Understanding and Using English Grammar

Betty Azar
with Rachel Spack Koch

Level: Advanced

Talking Heads Intro

MyEnglishLab: Azar allows students to study grammar as they never have before. Through a dynamic combination of animation, audio, and voice recordings, each MyEnglishLab program provides more than 100 hours of instruction and interactive practice anytime, anywhere.

Each level of MyEnglishLab: Azar mirrors the organization of the textbooks and provides extensive grammar practice using a variety of interactive tools. They can be used to combine classroom instruction with computer-based learning or for self-study practice. With a wealth of multimedia content, MyEnglishLab keeps learners motivated, focused, and engaged.


  • Original interactive activities provide extensive practice in listening, speaking, and reading. Automatically graded practice provides instant results and demonstrates progress.
  • Animated grammar presentations, “Talking Heads” inform students about grammar and usage in lively, accessible and engaging ways.
  • Ongoing assessment provides evidence of student learning and progress at each major step in the program.
  • Instant results, grammar charts with clear examples, and individualized instruction provide extra support.
  • A flexible gradebook and a wide range of diagnostic tools allow teachers to monitor and track student progress and to customize learning environments to meet the needs of every student.


ESL instructor Sirje K. Russell shares her thoughts on MyEnglishLab:Azar in this comprehensive review. Her discussion of how MyEnglishLab can be used by teachers in blended learning is very useful and appreciated!