Friday, December 26, 2008

My Last Blog Entry

By Richard Firsten
Retired ESOL Teacher, Teacher-Trainer, Columnist, Author

I’ve never been good at good-byes. I end up trying to hold back emotions and risk coming off cold and distant, or I end up letting it all hang out and risk looking like a sentimental slob. I’ll try to maintain the middle ground here.

This has been a wonderful experience for me. First, I was flattered by being invited to write a blog on and by being told that I could write on whatever topic came to mind and say whatever I felt. There aren’t too many people that would give somebody free reign like that, and I’ve appreciated that confidence in me very much.

I hope that, over the past year, I have given you food for thought that kept you interested and wanting to come back to read some more. I hope I’ve entertained and even amused you at times. I know that I thoroughly enjoyed working on each and every blog entry, and I hope that that came through as you read my pieces.

I would like to thank Betty Azar and Sue Van Etten for their invitation to write this blog, for their guidance, and for their moral support during the year. They’re both marvelous professionals and an absolute joy to work with. Thank you, Betty! Thank you, Sue! And thank you for all the kind things you’ve said about me, Sue. I’m blushing!

I’m very glad that the blog will go on and morph into something with such exciting possibilities. I think this is a wonderful chance for all of you who have important, interesting, enlightening things to contribute to have your thoughts published in cyberspace. What a great opportunity to share your thoughts with thousands of your colleagues worldwide. Wow! So please do take advantage of the invitation that Sue has made. Let’s hear from you. I may even pop up once in a while to add a thought or two to what one of you has posted.

So I’ll take my leave now with one last thank-you, and this one’s for all of you who have stopped by over this past year and visited with me in my cyberspace living room. It’s been a great experience for me, and I feel confident that the blog will continue to be a great experience for all of you who roll your sleeves up, pitch in, and post your thoughts on this site. I can’t wait to read what you guys have to say!

Richard Firsten

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