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Saturday, January 28, 2017

A Note on This Troubling Time

BettyAzarfrom Betty Azar
Co-Author, Azar Grammar Series

One of the best parts of being involved in international education, whether as a student or a teacher, is that we get to reach our hands across cultural and linguistic barriers.  All of us are grateful for the opportunity to connect human being to human being as we learn about each other.   We are a powerful force in the world to bring about cross-cultural understanding and goodwill.

I am writing this as someone who has been involved in international education for almost fifty years to say that I am horrified by the ignorance, fear-mongering and prejudice of the Trump administration. Know that the majority of Americans welcome diversity and welcome you in our midst.

But at the same time, unfortunately, you need to stay informed of what the U.S. government is saying and doing in regard to travel and visa restrictions that might affect you.  These are troubling and unpredictable times that cause all people of good conscience throughout the world to worry and stay aware of events.

I regret so much that I find it necessary to send this message.  Let us all try in every way we can to maintain good intercultural relationships even as we face current U.S. government policies and actions that threaten international education and international peace. Together we are stronger.

Wishing each of you well,
Betty Azar