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Thursday, June 15, 2017

A Woman with a Plan

TamaraJonesTamara Jones is an ESL Instructor at Howard Community College, Columbia, Maryland

To Plan or not to Plan?

Do you plan your lessons? I wouldn’t have thought this was a question worth asking until I happened to find myself involved in a conversation with an experienced instructor who casually said he didn’t usually write up a lesson plan. His point was that the Teacher’s Resources that come with many textbooks provide such a complete step by step breakdown of the lesson, that he doesn’t feel the need to do any planning.

So, as you are reading this, what reaction are you having? Are you thinking, “Well, duh. Lesson planning is for suckers.” Or, are you thinking, as I was, “What?!?!” Even though I have been teaching for more than 20 years, it would never occur to me to step foot in front of a class full of students without having thought through what I want them to accomplish in the time I have with them.

Why Bother with a Plan?

Part of the reason I am a rabid lesson planner is simply because I am a planner in general. I plan everything: meals, vacations, weekends. My poor husband hasn’t experienced a moment of spontaneity in years. I like the comfortable feeling of walking into a class knowing what we’ll be doing in the lesson. I also think my students appreciate when I write the lesson schedule on the board so that they also have an idea of how the class will unfold. Planning makes me feel (and appear) organized and in control.

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