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Default Possessives

We had a bit of fun today in my intermediate grammar class. We were reviewing different ways to show and ask about possession: It's mine, Whose is it? , That's John's, etc.

I had a bag, and I went around to each student asked him or her to drop some personal possession in the bag without revealing it to the others. Then I placed all the objects on a table, and all 16 of us sat around the table.

One student would get up, go pick up an object and ask who owned it using some of the target language. The others would guess, or direct questions to each other (Sue, is that watch yours?) After two or three exchanges, the real owner would stand up to claim the item. It was amusing because I told them to try to put something that would unique, like sunglasses, a baby photo, a special lighter, in order to make it more interesting. In the future, with more prep, I'll have them bring something from home that has a story behind it so we can tell the stories as well.
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