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Default Question Formation Practice

Just finished up a chapter on questions in my intermediate grammar class and wanted to review in a fun way.

So I found some untraditional photos on-line- the more bizarre, the better- and then broke the class into teams of three. Each team got the same 3 photos. They had 15 minutes to write down with as many questions as possible about the photos. (Be sure the photos include people doing something.) The chapter covered all kinds of questions, from simple question words to "How long does it take", and the activity gave the students the freedom to create a wide variety of questions.

At the end of 15 minutes, I asked them to exchange papers with another team. They checked each other's work and put an X next to those questions they believed were formed incorrectly.

Finally, I threw each team's questions on the document projector and quickly ticked off the correct ones, totaling for each team, and giving extra credit points to the team with the most correct questions.

It was quite intensive practice and really got them discussing question formation and trying out new structures and forms.
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